The island, the boat, the choice

orange sunset and a distant blurred figure

IMAGINE: You’re trapped on a deserted island, with a decent food supply and not-horribly dangerous animals. You are accompanied by five other people, a mix of men and women, and there is a boat, somewhat battered which serves as shelter, catches rain water, things like that

The boat has holes in it. You could push off at any time, wander into the great blue, but if you didn’t find another boat pretty darned quick, you would be dead. The margin of hope is narrow.

The desert has nothing. No people, no resources. You could probably survive a good long time on that island, with those five strangers, but do you want to stay there? Do you want to raise children there? Do you want to settle.

You are going to die (everyone is). But do you chose to die suddenly on the unforgiving sea, eventually on the island, or are you going to take that one in everything chance that you can find you way back to the world you used to know?

I’m thinking a good hero would take the boat and take their chances, but I’m struggling with the question. Or at least how to phrase the question.


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