Maze Runner: first reactions

This is a darned good story. Sorry for the simplicity, but that’s my first reaction, heh. The author has a strong, character-based lead in, maintains an excellent tension, and doesn’t patronize his audience.

I really enjoy young adult literature (I think that when writing for younger audiences publishers/authors are less likely to get side tracked by hoity toity brainscapades and actually tell enjoyable stories from the get go) but it’s an easy trap to tell a simple, emotion-driven story that doesn’t pass muster if you think too hard.* The very beginning of Maze Runner started with a Thing that triggered my “lack of logic” alerts. Now that same Thing is a Major Plot Point in a really good way and I’m feeling very delighted. 

I’m only on Chapter Four-ish, so I’ll try to keep you updated as things progress. Spoilers will be under a cut when I can no longer speak super vaguely. 

(I’m listening to The Maze Runner on CD because of eye strain from work. Thank God for libraries. Also, I’m imagining Dylan O’Brian as Thomas because, while I have not seen the movies yet I loved him on Teen Wolf. I have consumed worse media for the sake of actors I enjoy [looking at you, Ghost Protocol])

*For the record, emotion driven stories that don’t make you think too hard are my comfort food and I love them a lot. 


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