Welcome! (again)

Books and a red box on a shelf

Welcome once again to ye old writing blog. Last I posted anything was better than year ago but I’m going to give it another shot and see if it sticks. 

(A writer should write things, shouldn’t she?)

What you’ll find here should be an eclectic mix of things (book reviews, movie reviews, writing commentary, random observations, a hefty dose of musing on the nature and practice of faith) but all roughly writing related. Then again, I personally believe that the nature of humanity is in large part defined by the stories we tell of ourselves, so that’s a fairly broad topic.

The super short summary of my recent life is that I was a creative writing major at a Most Excellent Institute, lived in Spain for a couple years after that, and then worked in Catholic  youth ministry for a bit. I currently write things for an Industry. Woot!



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