Music Monday: When I’m Gone – Bluegrass Cover

Welcome to Music Monday! Trying to get back on this regular posting schedule. The song tonight is When I’m Gone, and the theme is genre-bending. The original song is by 3 Doors Down, but this, like the title says, a bluegrass cover. There’s something incredibly satisfying about taking a thing and making it something completely different.

Genre-Bending Rock and other stories

So hold me when I’m here
Right me when I’m wrong
Hold me when I’m scared
And love me when I’m gone

What’s the Appeal of a Musical Mash?

I’ve always loved music that was something of a combination. The Horse of a Different Color album by Big and Rich was huge for me ages ago because it had a little bit of everything. When you can’t tell the lines between rock, country, and even rap there’s something that breaks the minds from traditional ways of seeing. It’s satisfying and freeing at the same time.

I like the original version of When I’m Gone as well (it plays during the warm-down at one of my fitness classes, so there’s good vibes attached to it) but when I found this bluegrass version it rocked my socks off and I maybe listened to it on repeat for a while. This version is warmer, twangier, but it still carries a lot of the soulfulness of the original.

What is the appeal of a musical mashup for you? Let me know in the comments!


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