Hipster? Undefined. 

shadows taking pictures of themselves

I feel that the definition of a hipster is incredibly vague. Like, you know it when you see it?

I associate hipsterism, accurately or not, with the vague feeling (which strikes me sometimes) that anything Everyone likes can’t possibly be Good.

(This sentiment isn’t consistently true. There are really popular things which are horrible, and some that are excellent, and many which fall in the awkward sweet spot in between.)

Anyone have a better definition, or is this like youth ministry, and it just hasn’t existed long enough to be well defined?


Hello world!

the hand-written words just me and my handbasket

GREETINGS! This is my super-secret writing blog: tell everyone!

I have it now because I have thought for ages and ages now that I should have someplace to put Thoughts, someplace to write that isn’t immediately connected to the other people and impressions I am. And you never know, I may delete this blog tomorrow. Let’s see how the wind blows, shall we?