Colloquial idioms: Or, what is that when it’s at home?

the hand-written words just me and my handbasket

I go on language kicks every once in a while, and lately the communication quirk that has been delighting me is colloquialisms. Possibly idioms. Maybe regional metaphors. Those turns of phrase, whatever they may be called, that completely fit with a character, region and environment but may not actually be common usage. Continue reading Colloquial idioms: Or, what is that when it’s at home?


Unreality in writing: feature or bug?

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Different places around the world have their own flavor, their own look. Obvious right? But here’s the interesting bit: it’s also really hard to believe. It’s not that the human mind doesn’t like thinking about differences, it’s that difference is mostly inconceivable, until it’s been felt. Continue reading Unreality in writing: feature or bug?

The island, the boat, the choice

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IMAGINE: You’re trapped on a deserted island, with a decent food supply and not-horribly dangerous animals. You are accompanied by five other people, a mix of men and women, and there is a boat, somewhat battered which serves as shelter, catches rain water, things like that

The boat has holes in it. You could push off at any time, wander into the great blue, but if you didn’t find another boat pretty darned quick, you would be dead. The margin of hope is narrow.

The desert has nothing. No people, no resources. You could probably survive a good long time on that island, with those five strangers, but do you want to stay there? Do you want to raise children there? Do you want to settle.

You are going to die (everyone is). But do you chose to die suddenly on the unforgiving sea, eventually on the island, or are you going to take that one in everything chance that you can find you way back to the world you used to know?

I’m thinking a good hero would take the boat and take their chances, but I’m struggling with the question. Or at least how to phrase the question.

In pursuit of SCIENCE!

the hand-written words just me and my handbasket

So, I’m writing a novel (badly), trying to do the Nanowrimo thing and write a steady amount every day (the current goal is 1000 words-per-day, actually more, because I’m about 4000 behind arg). I call it “the Spacefic”, and I’m writing it because no matter how ridiculous it could be, it’s in my head and wants to get out.

I’ve already resigned myself to the idea that the science isn’t going to make a thimble’s worth of sense, but I was looking up some stuff today just to see how badly I’m doing to be butchering possibilities, and HOLY SHIT I’m not that far out.

There’s a genre of fanfiction called “omega’verse.” The Spacefic falls under the category, though I’m trying to get away from a lot of the terminology just because it creates certain expectations (mainly LOTS AND LOTS of biologically questionable sex) that I don’t necessarily want to be trapped into. I’m really here for the social-sexual commentary. Isn’t THAT ridiculous?

Anyway, here’s the most compact thesis statement for my world/species/the crux-of-what-makes-them-different-from-you-and-me, as lifted from <a href=””>the Wikipedia article about Pheromones</a>:

Pheromones have evolved in all animal phyla, to signal sex and dominance status, and are responsible for stereotypical social and sexual behaviour among members of the same species.

My aliens (they don’t even have a name yet) are a biochemically driven species that actually managed to achieve space travel. They’re pretty cool, and really bloody messed up all at the same time.