Colloquial idioms: Or, what is that when it’s at home?

the hand-written words just me and my handbasket

I go on language kicks every once in a while, and lately the communication quirk that has been delighting me is colloquialisms. Possibly idioms. Maybe regional metaphors. Those turns of phrase, whatever they may be called, that completely fit with a character, region and environment but may not actually be common usage. Continue reading Colloquial idioms: Or, what is that when it’s at home?


Three secrets of successful procrastination

the hand-written words just me and my handbasket


cultivate many hobbies, that way when you have an overwhelming desire to not do one thing you have multiple back up plans to keep your life Activity Filled. I myself enjoy drawing writing, reading, movies and occasionally intense bursts of stress cleaning.  I never have trouble avoiding that one thing that I really don’t want to do.


(So, ironically enough, I started, but did not finish this post, and now I have no idea what the other two secrets to successful procrastination are.

In all reality, if you can master the secrets of NOT procrastinating, that is better in the long run. If you figure those out, you should share them with me.

You know, whenever you can get around to it.)

Welcome! (again)

Books and a red box on a shelf

Welcome once again to ye old writing blog. Last I posted anything was better than year ago but I’m going to give it another shot and see if it sticks. 

(A writer should write things, shouldn’t she?)

What you’ll find here should be an eclectic mix of things (book reviews, movie reviews, writing commentary, random observations, a hefty dose of musing on the nature and practice of faith) but all roughly writing related. Then again, I personally believe that the nature of humanity is in large part defined by the stories we tell of ourselves, so that’s a fairly broad topic.

The super short summary of my recent life is that I was a creative writing major at a Most Excellent Institute, lived in Spain for a couple years after that, and then worked in Catholic  youth ministry for a bit. I currently write things for an Industry. Woot!


that same old end-of-October song

Books and a red box on a shelf

It’s the word on every writer (and maybe-I’d-be-a-writer-if-I-actually-wrote-something)’s lips, and blog and social-media-of-choice, deaded by some, adored by others:


Let me be clear, I love National Novel Writing Month. Love it in my bones, HAVE loved it since I actually finished Happyland during one daring November (in case I haven’t mentioned it before, my work-in-progresses tend to have horrible, straightforward names that would make horrible titles. It’s a condition).

The issue is the same old problems I have with writing, or not writing (lack of time, followed by lack of focus/motivation), amplified by four because I WANT to Nano so very much. But there is still no time. And when there is time there are Other Projects, and also Sleep, which I’m always hoping to get more time for.

Don’t mind me, I’m just throwing my two cents on the the authorial wibbling pile.

(Psst, in case you were wondering, yes, of course I’ve signed up, I couldn’t stop myself…)